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Why Do People Always Lose in Sports Betting?

With numerous advanced technological systems and substantial investments from major hot football prediction companies in the region, the underground football betting networks in Vietnam are becoming increasingly sophisticated and enticing for players. Moreover, with just an online account, anyone can...

To attract participants, many betting sites have partnered to establish an ecosystem catering to those interested in watching and betting on matches. They set up websites with servers located abroad dedicated to live streaming, professional analysis, predictions, and offering incentives for players to bet on various matches.

As a massive industry with dense underground networks, the betting system allows players to bet on any football match in any league in any country. On these websites, there are various tactics such as offering bonus points for depositing funds, giving commissions for becoming regular agents, or refunding a portion of the money if the player loses.

Moreover, football betting sites all have online advisory teams committed to facilitating quick and convenient deposit and withdrawal transactions and providing insight into favorable betting odds.

N.T, a person who used to solely engage in online betting, stated that the issue lies in whether one has money to play or not. If they do, accessing football betting, an illegal activity in our country, is extremely easy:

Despite the easy access, many fraudulent websites lurk in the shadows of football betting, taking players' money and then disappearing. Surveys conducted among a group of 600,000 football betting enthusiasts on Facebook in Vietnam revealed numerous expose posts, revealing fraudulent practices of some football betting websites, such as not paying out or not paying out the correct odds, blocking or deleting player accounts...

Mr. N.H, who lost hundreds of millions of dong due to "researching" football betting, analyzed: even when choosing reputable places to play, players still end up losing.

When bookmakers set odds, experienced experts calculate every statistic about players and teams meticulously. Players like us simply can't match their knowledge, not to mention issues like match-fixing, odds manipulation, which are beyond our understanding.

N.H has since distanced himself from supercomputer football prediction. According to him, it's a massive psychological trap, and whether one escapes it depends on each individual's awareness and courage.

"After a long time, I realized that I lost a lot, with a very high losing rate. I realized that is not about making money, and it's also illegal. Therefore, I stopped."

Without the resilience of Mr. N.H, many players have fallen into the whirlpool of betting, leading to debts, family breakdowns, and even being coerced by gangs, turning them into criminals.

Every Euro and World Cup season, numerous crackdowns on billion-dollar football betting rings occur. This demonstrates that the money flowing into the pockets of international betting companies is steadily increasing. As for the players, they always end up as the losers.

"According to research, these websites have servers located abroad, attracting a large number of Vietnamese participants. With the current advancement of science and the widespread use of smartphones, people can bet from anywhere. All you need is a smartphone connected to the internet, and you can participate."

Psychologically, football betting leads to other social vices. Because when players lose their bets, the red-black psychology drives them to stop at nothing to make more money to recover their losses. Once under the pressure of debts, most will resort to criminal activities such as robbery, theft, fraud. This situation is more likely to occur as the current betting organizers tend to offer players loans in the form of unsecured loans.

debt collectors, hired thugs forcing players to pay back when they lose. It has the characteristics of gambling in general, meaning when you win, you want more, and when you lose, you want to recover, so very few players have stopping points, relying on their luck."

"Individuals who engage in betting activities with cash or other forms in sports competitions, entertainment, and other activities will be fined from 1 million to 2 million dong. They may also face additional penalties such as confiscation of exhibits, means of administrative violations, and seizure of money obtained from the violation. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the violation, individuals or organizations committing these violations may also be criminally prosecuted for gambling offenses as prescribed in Article 321 of the Penal Code."

"In my opinion, when people participate in platforms, there are undoubtedly many risks and the risk of being defrauded and losing a large amount of money is very high because these sports betting activities, especially online betting, usually take place on social media with anonymous accounts. There is no information about the organizers of the betting.

Many people mistakenly believe that betting is just a form of entertainment that can be easily tried and stopped. However, according to many studies by scientists, experiments monitoring the emotions, blood pressure, heart rate, and other body parameters of sports bettors show that betting is truly addictive and controls the behavior of players.

Specifically, betting tips results releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that causes feelings of excitement and desire for rewards. Dopamine is mainly produced from activities with rewards, or the use of addictive substances.

This leads to a continuous desire to bet. Winning brings excitement, while losing leads to despair. And this mentality is the premise for the question: Why do people always lose in sports betting?

In football betting, bookmakers with a team of experienced analysts and forecasters will provide betting odds to balance the chances of winning and losing, leading to uncertainty, difficulty in predicting outcomes, stimulating players' curiosity and desire to bet.


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